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Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. A couple of weeks ago when I attended the XPo Nential Music Festival, I had the opportunity to interview Jade Castrinos and Nora Kirkpatrick of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It’s just nice to give your creativity that space to breathe a little bit.It seemed in his place stood an exposed Alex Ebert, with the somewhat intoxicated crooner intermittently grabbing at his throat ("You pull out the bone resting on top of your larynx, ‘cause when you strain your voice this thing tightens up and closes off your esophagus," he tells me).For the first time ever, The Magnetic Zeros performed the still unreleased , in its entirety, imbuing the crowd – some of whom were given Phantom of the Opera-esque masquerade masks to obscure their identity – with a palpable sense of intrigue, despite one fan’s persistent requests for “40 Day Dream.” (“It’s like my “Free Bird,” Ebert joked.In the 1960s and 1970s, Esalen was part of the Human Potential Movement, which believed, to oversimplify, that society benefits if the inner self is freely expressed.To this day you can see Michael Ebert, shot on Super 8, freely expressing his inner self at the start of the video to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Desert Song" on You Tube.I’m really into 40s dresses, Jade’s really into 20s and 50s I would say. Jade: I’m pretty obsessed with Radiohead and Beach House…Neil Young.If you were hoping to catch Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at any of their upcoming shows, it may or may not be incomplete.

Meeting a few days after Easter, it seemed appropriate for Transverso to sit down with the reborn frontman in a repurposed church pew outside the basement greenroom. [There were] difficulties, you know, [I was] sick all week and what not, so it’s tough; you work through kinks.

TRANSVERSO: That was your first time performing the new material. This album, I think in a lot of ways, is pretty easily our most powerful album to me, so you know where it can go and you know the content that’s waiting to be translated, so when you fall short of that translation it’s apparent in a different kind of way than most of our songs. Well we didn’t fail on the recordings for the most part.

Most of our songs you can sort of will into form, but these songs are sort of already in their form, waiting for you to sort of inhabit them properly. I’m proudest of this album, but if you don’t recognize that you failed at something it’s very difficult to improve anything.

“I was so full of shit then.”)Playful and intimate, Ebert sat on the stage edge or wandered through the audience at times, even occasionally referring to printed lyric sheets as the band stumbled vulnerably through this seminal step in the set’s lifecycle.

These beginnings were paralleled by stories of his new daughter surrounding his “Lullaby” to her.

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