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Find out why is one of the hottest destinations on the Internet for Austin singles!

If you've just moved to Austin and are looking for great dating material, then you're in luck.

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You get to meet face-to-face, one-on-one, with singles just like you - there to meet the right person to date.

The city's reputation for being "The Live Music Capital of the World" means that you'll likely find a romantic partner who shares your musical tastes.

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If you've somehow missed the inspirational story of how Jake T Austin and his girlfriend, Danielle came together, have a scroll down below, it gives hope to us all.But getting in isn't based on your back account, but rather your drive and ambition.The dating community is vetted with limited entry and there's a wait list.That's why in 2017 more and more people looking for love are turning to dating apps.And there are a lot of them out there."I was on all the other dating apps out there," said Amanda Bradford.

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