Automatic updates updating your computer is almost complete

For Microsoft, this practically means an ongoing stream of updates delivered as they come, instead of the former packaged deliveries (Service Packs) or even the time-based rollouts (Patch Tuesdays).This has also been the basis of why people call Windows 10 as the last Windows release, since, in theory, it will just be updated over and over again.There is still some semblance of user choice, however, though not as liberating as before.Users can only choose between automatically rebooting after important updates and restarting at their discretion.

Starting with Windows 8, Windows Update will consolidate every restart-requiring patch into just one restart, on Patch Tuesday — the second Tuesday of every month, when security updates are distributed.This means that if your computer is locked, you have apps running, or if there’s any unsaved work, Windows Update will patiently wait until you next log in before triggering an update.In other words, Windows 8 will only ever automatically restart when a human is sitting in front of it.In this light, the requirement to agree to automatic updates does make sense. Some programs, especially browsers like Chrome and Firefox, even do that as well.The “new feature”, if you could call it that, gives Microsoft the ability to immediately push out important updates any time when needed and not have to wait for either schedules or user’s permission.

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