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Reading the Bible in community can be challenging, but it can also be deeply rewarding.The Bible gives us resources for the relationships in our groups that we would never have otherwise.(Ex LXX) “You will not covet your neighbor’s wife.You will not covet your neighbors house or his field or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or any animal which is your neighbor’s.” Looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it?

(2 Timothy –17) If we are trying to teach, correct, train, or encourage one another toward maturity in Christ, the Bible is our book.Despite their diverse ethnic ancestry, the Luhya have a history of intermarriage, local trade, and shared social and cultural practices.Variations in dialects and customs reflect their diverse ancestry.Migration to their present western Kenya location dates back to as early as the second half of the fifteenth century.Immigrants into present-day Luhyaland came mainly from eastern and western Uganda and trace their ancestry mainly to several Bantu groups, and to other non-Bantu groups such as the Kalenjin, Luo, and Maasai.

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