Dating strong independent woman

Albert Einstein once said, “Women marry men hoping they will change. So each is inevitably disappointed.” Men consistently lament the loss of the women they thought they married. Because we bend like a pretzel to snag a man and then become our real selves once we feel secure…much to his surprise!

If you are independent and have things you feel you must do in your life…be that and do that. The real surprise is this: an amazing thing happens when you find the good man you love: some of your priorities change.

Yesterday I co-hosted a radio show on the topic of love and relationships.

We explored whether a woman’s independence served as a repellent for men. Equipped with a, “By means necessary” spirit, independent women come to the table with an abundant amount of resources and skills.

This article is not about the “strong Black woman” stereotype.

It is hella negative, inaccurate and does not take into account why Black women are the way they are.

Here is what I get in return: a lifetime companion I can count on. If you’re finding yourself having to do that with potential partners, the answer isn’t to blame men and stop dating…the answer is to attract and pick the right guy.

A partner who puts me first, supports me in everything I do, makes my life easier and more joyful, and makes me feel special, safe and loved every single day. 2) Men want the real you and don’t want you to change.

She desires and is eager to meet and build with a life partner.So in order to love her, you must be comfortable with allowing her to do certain things on her own. It just means that like you, she wants to tap into and use her divinely appointed strength.Allow her to, and she’ll be more vulnerable with you than you can ever imagine.A strong girl is like this: If you want to be with her, she better be included in most of your conversations.She doesn’t want you to drop everything and call her every hour of the day but some adorable texts and telephonic updates (as you’d do in case of your best bud or family members) will keep her happy.

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