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The difficulty in determining the position of Chamorro relative to other Austronesian languages is at least partly the result of the complex history of contact with other languages, both Austronesian and non-Austronesian, which has taken place at an ever-increasing rate over the last 3,500 years or more since the islands were first settled.

These contacts have ranged from chance settlement by shipwrecked or drifting sailors from Micronesian islands to the south and east, or from any of a number of Philippine islands to the west or Indonesian islands to the south, to interaction with trade networks with other island groups, all of which have left their imprint on the language spoken by the indigenous population of the Marianas.

Scientists, examining Britain’s greatest Anglo-Saxon gold treasure collection, have discovered that it isn’t quite as golden as they thought.

The historical accuracy of the New & Old Testaments has been confirmed again & again by modern archeology.

The origin of Guam’s indigenous people has been a matter of considerable speculation for more than a century.

Scholars have developed theories about Chamorro origins based on various evidence: physical (pottery shards, • The original Chamorros spoke an Austronesian language that was an immediate descendant of Malayo-Polynesian or Extra-Formosan, the language that developed in the northern Philippines following the first migration out of Taiwan into the Philippines.

In the historical period, colonization under Spanish, German, Japanese and American governments along with decimation of the local population have had drastic effects upon the inherited language, especially in the lexicon, but also in the forms of words and the grammar.

Probably thousands of words which were once part of the language of the early migrants have been lost, being replaced by words commonly used by the colonizers.

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