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Our volunteers are supported by staff and medical personnel.Op deze chatsite zijn duizenden mensen online opzoek naar een gespreksparter of een serieuze relatie.The crystal ball should be aimed at Independents and Greens in the Senate.

Anything supported by Gay and Lesbian Health Norway must be easy to use, regardless of whether it is an HIV test or talking to someone about coming out.

More than 80 volunteers of all ages work with us to carry out our initiatives.

When someone comes into contact with a volunteer at Gay and Lesbian Health Norway, they can be certain that the person has been thoroughly trained and can help you, for example by taking a quick test for HIV.

The clip shows a cleverly re-subtitled scene from the film Downfall in which Adolf Hitler is told by his generals that the war is lost.

Instead of taking the advice and accepting the obvious, Hitler launches into a maniacal tirade against the generals, the troops and the German people.

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