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I'll readily admit that I'd f*ck someone ugly if he were super smart. I don't even care if he's an assh*le, as long as he's smart AF. It means you literally are attracted to intelligence. When you think about it, why shouldn't the brain be the thing we're attracted to? For some, foreplay is a little heavy petting, but not for the sapiosexuals of the world!

When a guy can challenge me intellectually, I literally get wet. When I see a guy in glasses, sitting behind a book on the train, I don't even see anything else. I once had a man approach me at a cafe and ask me about a Russian novel I was reading because he also loved Solzhenitsyn. A little talk of politics or our favorite authors and we are going to need to get it in immediately.

The study tested the sperm of 400 men after putting them through intense mental testing.

Those with higher IQs directly correlated with having healthy sperm. Women are attracted to intelligence because their ovaries can sense that choosing a smart mate means a better chance of having babies.

Pour l’occasion, l’attaquant français a reçu un cadeau original : une opération des pieds !

Speaking of over-exposed models, may I present to you ....

Anyway, it was apparent what the BIG HOOHA was about. I don't see the big fuss about air waitresses, seriously.

C’est un cadeau inestimable que nous lui avons fait.

La livraison des pieds de Cruyff devrait arriver la semaine prochaine.

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