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Established in AUSTRALIA Tick Tock Speed Dating is the Ultimate Speed Dating service and we are excited to be bringing it to New Zealand.

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Each photographer's stock of photographic paper postcards had a shelf life. I suggest they represent the manufacturer's date of production, possibly a span of six months. I have extracted the dated portrait cards from my collection and found a very significant clustering of dates for certain symbols.

These symbols could be taken as typographic decoration. C horseshoe portraits I have four unrelated portraits, each dated 1922.

There are of course stray cards which were probably inscribed many months after they were printed and other inscriptions may be inaccurate but there are enough clues to indicate there is information of value here.

My instinct tells me that a single symbol represents the first half of a year and a double symbol the second.

The viticultural area alongside the Ormož Wine Route spreads out into two branches; extending for 30km, the first one starts in Ormož, or more precisely in Dobrava, and leads over Kog and Strežetine to Runeč.

It then goes through Žvab toward Pršetinci passing through Koračiški vrh, Senik, Sodinski Vrh and Drakšl and Velika Nedelja.

If your private conversations in your head don't match up with how you really feel, you are self sabotaging."The best advice I can give someone when it comes to "don't settle" is that settling isn't necessarily taking the easy way out, or a path to safety.

When settling becomes a really bad thing is when someone is willing to get married even though they know their spouse is exhibiting unacceptable behavior: things like addictions, mental abuse, or cheating. • The clock is ticking: they feel they are getting older and time is running out for an opportunity to have children.• They have low self-esteem and feel this is the best they can do, that this person is all they are worthy of.• They love the idea of the person, and have a false image of who he or she really is.• The person is bringing something to the table that they feel outweighs the bad.

Possibly money or fame or a good family.• They don't know how to get out of the relationship.

"If in your mind you know this person isn't right or good for you, listen to your inner voice."While I agree with Adler, I think that to tell someone not to settle is a tall order and here's why. I'll even go so far as to say, the perfect couple doesn't exist. Maybe the person you are dating has an obsession with Tic-Tacs and little plastic containers can be found all around the house at any time. Or, maybe he or she is a complete slob, with piles of dirty laundry on the floor and a sink full of dishes being the norm.

So, when a man or a woman comes to the decision that they have found Mr. Right, and want to spend the rest of their life with that person, guess what? That might be on the list of more concerning issues.

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